What is going on with Payoneer?

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What is going on with Payoneer?

We contacted them three days ago to receive money from our account and have heard nothing.


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@Beverly268 I am not sure why you tried to contact Payoneer as they are only a delivery system and have zero to do with the collection and sending of your money . Its like contacting the highway about delivery of a new car. Check all of your online transactions to see if your payments have been sent or are pending ,and your emails for time of arrival, and then if there is a situation , contact Airbnb... H

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You may or may not have read that ABB's Alican Goskel and his team in charge of this project have a number of interesting graphs in regards to processing of Payments in here from June 2022.

Payoneer are a part of ABB


Airbnb Engineering Unified Payments Data Read at ABB



How we redesigned payments data read flow to optimize client integrations, while achieving up to 150x performance gains.



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Hi @Beverly268 were you able to get this sorted with customer support?


It looks like @Helen744 has offered some sound advice.



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