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    We've had a guest over stay and had to be removed by enforcement officers, the caravan has been left in a right mess.I've lodged an Airbnb cover claim they have the evidence they asked for including images of the damage quotes and documents to support the... Latest reply by Alex1485
    Almost two months ago a guest smoked all over my apartment leaving ashes and residue. I submitted all the evidence to AirCover the same day the guest checked out just as I have before, but this time around they said it was not covered. They closed the cas... Latest reply by Paula
    Hello Host community, does anyone have a copy of the host damage protection terms which were active for May of 2022. I can't seem to find anything, only the updated ones! Thank you kindly, Christina
    I just hit four months since a first-time Airbnb guest ruined my condo by leaving a pot burning on the stove for a full day. The guest admitted to doing it, and there were witnesses, so there's no question there. Thank god there wan't a fire. Long story... Latest reply by Josh2083
    I am in a horrible predicament. I have 7 bank account on my account and I did not know that resolutions and adjustments got filtered through the default bank account. My account has a negative of $2,000 and the broken window which Airbnb quickly refunded ... Latest reply by Breck-Bear-Property-Management0