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    Hi. I want to restrict people to blocks of seven nights, with check in and check out each Saturday. I can set the minimum stay to 7 days checking in on Saturday and if they book the minimum stay, there's no problem. The problem comes if they book eg 10 da... Latest reply by Chrissy50
    2020年1月27---2月1日的租金,爱彼迎显示已经转账,但是到今天(2月10号)还没有收到(有银行月结单为证,并发给爱彼迎),爱彼迎说要我自己联系派安盈,可是派安盈的客服电话暂停。我认为我的房子是交给爱彼迎平台,爱彼迎有责任为我们与派安盈交涉。 Latest reply by Quincy
    We have a room that we rent and we prefer to come in and out of the garage instead of the front door which is actually on the side of the townhome. We give our guests the garage door remote and ask them to come and go through there. We have not had any is... Latest reply by Mae337
    Hi Hosts, I've noticed that every time a guest extends his stay, I do. not get the payout for the extension. In December, a guest extended by one day through the platform. I did not get the payout and I had to follow up with Airbnb multiple times which wa...