iCAL Calendar Import Issue from Booking.com

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iCAL Calendar Import Issue from Booking.com

Booking.com has recently started providing an iCAL calendar export link. However when attempting to import the iCAL Calendar into Airbnb calendar it gives an error:

"The calendar address isn’t in ICAL format. Check the URL and try importing again."


But if I import the calendar to Google Calendar it goes fine. Also it goes fine when I import to Homeaway.com.

Anybody having this issue? Could this be because Airbnb does not recognize booking.com iCAL yet?


Booking iCAL URL has following format:


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@Agim0 i have not had this specific issue but i have had something similar.  Try replacing the https:// with www


A slim chance this might help....

Nope does not work with www. And most iCALs start with https:// for secure connection...

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 Hi @Agim0,


You are not alone.  Thank you for alerting me to the fact that Booking.com allows you to export the calendar.  I tried to do this this morning and I get the same error that you do.


Do you know if you can import the Airbnb calendar to Booking.com.  Also @Agim0, how has Booking.com worked for you?  I have had 4 bookings and all have been cancelled.  It seems very hard to collect money from people.




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As fas as I know you cannot import directly into admin.booking.com except from through paid services by 3rd parties. Recently they have started offering an Export link. It seems it does not work with closed dates, it only works with booked dates. For us Airbnb has definitevely worked better wrt. collecting cancellation fees or accommodation fees for that matter. But I think it also depends very much on the region and market penetration each site has. Booking is quite popular in Europe.

Guys, where is this iCal export thing in admin.booking.com? I searched everywhere and cannot find it. I also searched the Knowledge base without any success.

Also, when I open the mentioned URL, I get 404 not found. May be it just does not work?

If you search how do I export booking.com ical its funny in this below link 



they give few steps to obtain the ical but, i did not find the room type tab with the drpo menu mentioned.  Did anybody find it?



I actually found it this year after receiving some updates in the Extranet. So far it is working very well. But I also changed my property setting from being property-type of a certain count (like three identical apartments) to individual apartments. May be this triggered the change, it is hard to say.

I also use booking.com. I find that people dont like to pay a deposit, so the moment you request it, they cancel, but I must admit 95% of my bookings come from them. We are in South America and here Airbnb is not well known. 

Claudia, como y cuando te paga booking?? Yo tengo x Airbnb y me pagan x Western Union al otro día que entró el huésped. Cuánto te cobra Booking por el servicio?

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Hi, I have the same problem trying to sync calender to air bnb.....with your question about cancelled bookings...not to worry, I had the same when I started out but it did get better.  I can not complain about getting bookings, HOWEVER their service is atrocious.  I have asked them to switch something on my acount and was told it will take 2-3 hours, IT IS NOW THE 6TH DAY and I have lost approx R6000+ and nobody is getting back to me.  I also phoned and was advised the technical dept is busy with it and he can not help me but can send an email to say I phoned to query, WTF? excuse my french....so people should think twice joining with them or should have backup on other booking sites.



I am experiencing exactly the same error:

Erro import calendario Booking.PNG


However, importing the Homeaway calendar in to Airbnb does not present any errors. It appears to be specific to the Bookoing.com calendar.

At the same time I am able to import the Booking.com calendar into Homeaway. No issues there either.

Have you found any solution in the meanwhile?


Does anyone know how to contact Airbnb support via email?

Thank you.


I use Hostaway for this, it makes sure the availability and prices are synchronized.

Hi there, how much does this cost?