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Mount Eliza, Australia
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Is there a way to set an an additional option for the inclusion of linen in the price? I currently always supply linens and bath towels but am interested in offering this at an additional charge.

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Re: Flexible pricing

New York, NY
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Hi @Belinda4,

There are no options 


Unfortunately there are no options for an extra fee… Would be great and many hosts ask for it, either a mandatory fee or a optional fee (extra cleaning, towel, etc)


The option you have is not “automated” and a bit "out-of-the-way" to do it...  At any time you always can use the resolution center to charge additional money from your guest, for whatever reason, if they want more linen or you want to make linen an optional feature just make it VERY clear on your description that if they want that optional feature you will send a additional charge via the resolution center...

If you make it even MORE clear on your description you may also collect the fee in cash in cash if they don’t pay using the resolution center or they forgot the linen at home... Airbnb does not recommend collecting extras fees in cash (they can't guarantee you will be paid) but they also let you do it IF you make it VERY clear on the description...



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