For Los Angeles hosts - how to use Airbnb to keep track of my 120 nights?

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Los Angeles, CA

For Los Angeles hosts - how to use Airbnb to keep track of my 120 nights?

With new regulations for Los Angeles, I plan to offer our place on Airbnb both for short-term stays (up to 120 nights) and then long-term stays (more than 28days) the rest of the year.  I poked around the hosting features and it doesn't seem to differentiate long term stays and short term stays, which worries me on two fronts:

  1. Will they differentiate those nights when reporting to city?
  2. How will I keep track of the short-term nights?


If anyone knows how I can get these answers from existing features, please let me know, otherwise let's request some enhancements to help us hosts stay compliant with the city's new regulations


I recognize that it could be slippery slope for Airbnb to customize per jurisdiction given the global reach, but there seem to be some universal features that would help us out, such as:

  1. Provide ongoing tally for the year of how many nights are booked that are of a certain duration or less, such as 28days.
  2. Allow us to set a maximum on number of nights (for stays of certain duration or less, like 28days) that we will allow for booking in a given year. this would prevent guests from booking nights that put us over our limit but still allow us to offer long term stays
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Los Angeles, CA

Hi there! Were you able to find out more information regarding this? I currently have two long-term stays booked (one for 31 nights, the other for 71 nights) and I too am curious if these will be considered as long-term by LA county, therefore NOT counting toward my limit of 120 days. 

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