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Hi folks, I'm Airbnb host and willing to try loyalty program to attract more guests.
I see it like that:

- Guest is coming in my (or partner) apartment and gains one point for each night he stayed
- After he collected 10 nights he can redeem it to stay 1 night for free in my (or partner) apartment

I'd like to find other hosts who are willing to try to convert their guests in recurring customers.

Bonuses for a host:
- Guest book with a loyalty program (I'll develop it)
- Better reviews from the guest (due to professional guestbook and loyalty program)
- Less commission for Airbnb (guest will book directly from the loyalty mobile app)

Bonuses for a customer:
- Easy to use guest book with all FAQs
- Free nights within the host network
- Great customer experience

Please let me know your thoughts. That's kind of idea I'll implement if I find at least 20 hosts who are willing to participate.


I appreciate any feedback. Thanks

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