My listing was suspended after reporting party to Airbnb

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My listing was suspended after reporting party to Airbnb

I'm a new host and last night we had a guest stay in our property and host an unauthorized party. We reported the incident to Airbnb (big mistake!) to create a paper trail. Now airbnb has suspended our listing "due to the ongoing safety investigation" and refuses to give us the contact information for the agent in charge of investigation. Apparently, we're only allowed to speak to them when they initiate the conversation and we've been told that we're going to be given updates every three days. 


I've made it clear to them that there is no safety issue, I just wanted the unauthorized guests off my property. It seems to me that as the host I'm being penalized for guests breaking house rules. 


Has anyone had this issue before and can give me insight into the process? They're being very secretive about this "investigation" and won't give me a timeline in terms of how long the investigation will take and thus the ongoing suspension. Is there anything we can do about it?

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@ Michael5689 now that use of cameras I understand and the respect for your guests privacy is implicit. H

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It was booked for 5 guests, 12 showed up as picked up by our doorbell camera. We don't allow any events/parties on our property. We decided to contact airbnb when our backyard camera picked up someone *bleep* on the fence and another messing with the window. Again, I reiterated to airbnb that there was no safety concern, I just didn't want things to escalate and I'm creating a paper trail. Those guests have left with no issue, which airbnb is aware of.


The next day they suspend my listing, which after several attempts of trying to contact airbnb, I was told was because of the investigation over the safety concern. Because I can't initiate contact with the safety team, I have so many unanswered questions that they haven't addressed.


Thank you @Helen3! I think that might be the only way to get their attention



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If the booking is cancelled then you just go over to the listing to ensure those at your listing leave @Faith147  .

I'm sorry you're having issues with Airbnb - perhaps try them on social media . 

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What exactly is an 'unauthorized party'?  Is this the same as a 'home invasion' or 'trespassing by a horde of total strangers' (to the host at least)? Does the word  'party' in this context means a gathering by an excessive and unexpected amount of strangers descending on one's property and causing damage or a problem with neighbors? If so, isn't this a criminal act (if not sanctioned by the host) by total strangers and is a matter for the local police force to handle such cases? 


Conversely, are  'authorized parties' ever allowed? Is there such a thing?


In the above two cases, one is treated as the fault of the host and in the second as the host being the victim thus compensated for damages which comes from the fees that Airbnb collects from every other host. Be interesting to see why such divergent decisions were made by the same entity (i.e. Airbnb CS Department). 


My standard question to Airbnb: Is this crazy 'Host Guarantee' / 'Air Duck'* business worth it?  


P.S. err 'Air Cover'*

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Define party? Was there a large group of unauthorized persons or did the guests that booked it just stay up late and drink? We recently had a very large unauthorized group stay at our property, we didn’t know there was a party until after the guest left. Filed a claim with Airbnb on some damages and got it taken care of. I’m not sure why they would suspend the listing and make you wait that seems odd.

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