Referral Credit Refund

Michigan, United States
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Hello! I acceped my friends request to join Airbnb and got a nice $40 credit to use on my first Airbnb because of her referral. The host was a first time host and said her settings were wrong and changed the price on her room to much higher. Unfortunately, I had to cancel. Now, my credit seems to have disappeared with the cancelation. Can anyone tell me how to retrieve that?

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Re: Referral Credit Refund

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
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It is the responsibility of the host to offer the correct prices. If the host makes a mistake, he/she has to continue with the reservation or cancel the booking. So you should not have to cancel your booking yourself.

But IF you cancel, your credit can not be reused. So better contact Airbnb and explain situation about this stupid host.

Contact Airbnb - A Community Help Guide [UPDATED]


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