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Austin, TX
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For weeks now I have been unable to access my resolution center. I opened THREE different support tickets via (really! no exaggeration! I have the ticket numbers to prove it!) for the issue and Airbnb kept closing the threads without even responding once. I finally called in and begged an agent to not close the ticket a 4th time so that Airbnb could finally look into fixing the error rather than just ignoring me.


Now it's been another week and I still have no sort of resolution to regaining access to my resolution center. I run an Airbnb business and the resolution center has become something I use at LEAST one hour a day every day. Going through the many open resolution claims is now impossible and I desperately need to gain access so I can escalate many unpaid claims that guests have ignored.


Has anyone else had this same issue? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I have just been ignored many times by Airbnb now and am getting worried they are just never going to respond. The one time an agent did respond he gave me the worst troubleshooting advice I have heard in my entire life.

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