Unread notification (advertisements) cannot be deleted on PC

Stadtallendorf, Germany
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There is always a blue dot on the Message menu. Today I just found, that not only messages from the landlords and booking information, but also the advertisements will be put in the notification. I cannot delete them at one time, and must delete it one by one. And the worst is, I have to click and read it first, otherwise it cannot be deleted. But I dont like to read the advertisements like "Check out xxx top attractions with a local as your guide." I also dont think Airb&b has the right to force the user/the customer to read their advertisements. According to the new regulation of EU, the user can unsubscribe the ad-like newsletter at any time. But Airb&b doesnt give us this choice. Or is there any other way I can avoid of reveiving this kind of notification? P.S. I am using browser Chrome on my pc. 

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Re: Unread notification (advertisements) cannot be deleted on PC

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
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Did you check the notification settings in your account ?


(Or change ".com" to the local Airbnb website you use)

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