adding guests (as a guest not a host)

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adding guests (as a guest not a host)

writing as a guest, have booked quite a few air bnbs and never had any problems - just messaged host as adding 2 guests to the original 5, visiting in 3 weeks time (house sleeps 8), she was fine but said change on Airbnb, which I did.  Price was per night for 7 nights - now per Airbnb increased from £1400 to £1800 for the extras, an extra £424 now due!  Is this right?  just seems a  lot, I thought the price per night was for as many as it sleeps, not incremental?  or should you book for the max at the start and just let hosts know if less than the max coming?  Comments gratefully received.

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@Lyn137 many hosts charge extra for each person over a certain number. It is disclosed in the profile if you read the listing carefully. 

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Its really simple just book for the actual number coming and if you need to add more guest change your booking.


That's why your requested to add the number going, there's more of everything required with extra guests.



1. Towels

2. Electricity (washing machine usage etc)

3. Bedding

4. Water

5. Ware & tear



It should be cheaper on average (8.21%) the more guests you add up to the hosts limit.




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