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    Hi Hopefully someone can help me. I am a first time host and the guests did not report a plumbing leak for x3 weeks. Now I have raw sewer in the house and buckled floor boards, which the guset noted at the end of their stay that they "watched" getting ... Latest reply by Vicki57
    I recently booked a rental for one week, in Mexico. As a guest we pay in full, in advance, in good faith, expecting to get a clean and safe rental. I checked in to the rental and when it was time to go to bed, I found the bed to be disgusting, filthy! I c... Latest reply by Deb58
    Dear Airbnb community, Yesterday a guest insta-booked my apartment for Feb 12 and cancelled after a few hours. The reason he cancelled was that the dates which he would visit my city changed and he couldnt book with me for another date as my apartment was... Latest reply by Rene45
    I have finished all steps of describing my apt on airbnb. However, when i came to the last step which was "You’re ready to publish!", i have waited for 30 mins and it's still showing "Just a moment"
    Hi community members,When I listed everything was so easy, everything was linked and I got all the messages everywhere and I could see everything on all the devices. And then suddenly I could not access my listing on my ipad or my mobile phone. Eventually... Latest reply by Eileen59
    A guest has just used instant book to book for July. She gives no info about herself other than "visiting family". I asked her to tell me a little about herself and whether she has used airbnb before, as she has no reviews. She replied that she has used a... Latest reply by Sally141
    The guess arrive to my place and they do check in, and arround 10 pm, they ask me for refund the money, my question is.... i have to refund all, part or nothing of the payment.the point its than i decline 2 other rreservatios for thosse days and that make... Latest reply by Cynthia-and-Chris1