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    I am new to hosting with Airbnb and have had a request from a pending guest (via Airbnb message) to view the room I have to offer in my apartment. She only contacted me yesterday and is coming to see the room tomorrow and if she likes it will move in on ... Latest reply by Marcus0
    Hi guys! I'm curious, what's your dream holiday like? Where would it be and what kind of activities (if any!) would you be doing? Latest reply by Corinna0
    Hey folks! I rented a place in Cascais, Portugal and my host is gracious enough to let me borrow his scooter and bike to roam around during my stay. I doubt I'll damage these things but I always wonder 'What if?'. Any advice on what happens if I damage so... Latest reply by Fiona-and-Keith-and-Fami0
    Being far away from my property, I would like to put it on middle term rentalsIt would be great to grab tips about how to optimize my communication in order to get more 1-6 months bookings Latest reply by Florian-and-Theresa0
    When I was traveling to Rio de Janiero, I experienced an avoidable trip issue. I had written down the address of the listing on a piece of paper, and I communicated to the host when I was going to check-in. Unfortunately, I had mixed up some of the number... Latest reply by Florian-and-Theresa0