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Hello Fellow Hosts,


I have 3 listings, 1 with 5.0 stars 16 reviews, 1 with 4.9 stars with 33 reveiws and 1 with 4.6 stars with 30 reviews. They are all lumped together at 4.8 stars and 85% 5 stars. I can't seem to attain the Superhost badge. Can anyone help me understand this? I am woking my tail off and can't catch a break ...


Thanks so much


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Re: Achieving Superhost

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@Paul918 does your "Superhost" progress box say you have reached the necessary numbers? Or is it saying you still need to improve something? If you have reached the right numbers, you should not expect the award just yet. Even though April 1st has passed, the system is still evaluating things.

Here's info on how the timing works:


Superhost evaluations are tied to 4 dates a year: January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1.

The Superhost evaluation doesn't actually happen *on* those days, but the dates are important to remember.

Today, April 1, is one of those days. This is what happens now:

  1. The Superhost evaluation period is closed. This most recent evaluation period ran from April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018.
  2. There will be a potential delay of up to 14 days when nothing really happens. This up to 14 day waiting period happens so that guests who stayed with you during the Superhost evaluation period can write reviews.
  3. When the last guest who stayed with you during the Superhost evaluation period has either written their review or can no longer write a review (because 14 days have elapsed since check out), it is now time for the Airbnb system to calculate whether you meet the Superhost criteria.
  4. The Airbnb computer spends some time thinking and calculating. (Don't know how long this takes.)
  5. You either get your Superhost badge... or you don't.

The reason the Superhost box is saying that the next Superhost evaluation happens July 1 is because that is true: the *next* one happens July 1. The current one is still happening.

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