Bad reviews for enforcing Airbnb Policies or House Rules

Sydney, Australia
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I have received over 900 5 star reviews but it still pisses me off and effects my rankings when I receive 2 star reviews for asking guests to follow Airbnb Policy or our House Rules. These reviews should be struck out immediately.


For example, a guest wanted to send her son to collect the keys as she would be arriving a few days after the arrival date. I asked her to include him as a guest so I could - OMG the **bleep**storm this created.


Another example is guests who smoke breaking the house rules.


Reviews that seek to punish hosts for politely enforcing published policy are stressful to hosts and useless to future guests

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Re: Bad reviews for enforcing Airbnb Policies or House Rules

West Moonah, Australia
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Totally agree with you @Hugh0.  With the way the current review system works, guests know that they have us at their mercy with ridiculous requests and often hosts feel they need to bend over backwards to avoid bad reviews.  There should be a way to withhold the capacity for reviews to be written by guests if it is clear and verifiable that they have broken house rules.  Somehow an automatic reponse "This guest had a dispute lodged due to breaking house rules",  should link to their profile so that future hosts can see this and for guest accountability. I guess this is in an ideal world though.... we know that sometimes  some hosts might not aways do the right thing by their guests either, so it gets tricky!

Re: Bad reviews for enforcing Airbnb Policies or House Rules

Mount Barker, Australia
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I think that is a good suggestion Kristy. Hosts will get penalised for ridiculous things like location, whereas the guest can be a complete pain in the butt, completely disregard the hosts rules and get off with no penalty, no future warnings to other hosts.


@Hugh0 There are many poor aspects of the review system, most annoying, the guest who gives you straight 5s and says how perfect the stay was...... but felt it only stretched to a 4 overall, heaven knows you would have had a few of those!



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