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I am in the travel industry and have created some day tours and packages that would go well for Airbnb guests as they are not just the typical theme parks which can do as well, but other like tour of winter park narrated in Spanish, English; health through music have a friend that can teach stretch techniques, some dance collegue and experienced dance techniques as he is done broadway and produced a show for Disney. They can also host stretching for 55 plus which was amazing since not many people focus on the segment. We are adding some cooking classes as well. When I inquiered about experiences for Orlando I was told not in near future when there is so much opportunity. Just wondering if perhaps we can help get them opened faster and what interes there will be for them. Thank you,

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 As you probably know, @Javier235, commercial postings are not allowed on this host forum, but you might check the Orlando Host Club under Home Sharing Clubs under Discuss on this site.  If you are not familiar with Home Sharing Clubs, you can also get a description of how these clubs are supporting hosts locally.  I started the La Quinta (CA) club last year and we are meeting fairly regularly.  The Orlando Club shows up when you select to see all clubs.  Think this might be a good resource for you?

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