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I co-host for the max amount of persons I can co-host for (currently Airbnb only allows one to co-host for 3 different hosts-would like to have a greater understanding as to why on that but that's another topic), and I'm wondering if I can be considered for superhost status as a co-host. 

It doesn't seems like I can because none of the reviews on the properties I co-host for appear on my profile. This is unfortunate for me (maybe not all co-hosts) because I am in charge of all communications with guests, arranging cleaning and check in with guests for the hosts I help out with. I'm very happy doing this and take pride in how well I do it! I'd like it if I got credit for this by the good reviews I receive for the properties I help host for (frequenty guests will give me a shout out in these reviews for x,y, and z helpful things I did for them) and would like them to show up under my profile and go towards superhost consideration! 

Does anyone have any insight on this?


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Re: Superhost Co-host?

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The only way around this would be adding the properties to your own account.  Depending on your status, that could mean starting from scratch.

Re: Superhost Co-host?

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I have contacted customer service about this too.

I host a room in my home for long term stays but didn't have enough ratings this last quarter for Superhost status.

However, I handle every pre-guest arrival, checkin and checkout as a co-host Q2 and earned him Superhost status because he is the owner of the listing.  

They may need to revise their system because this doesn't seem balanced.

Keep sending feedback on every survey you get.  I think if there's enough feedback, they will seriously look at the issue.

Keep on getting those shoutouts and 5 stars,


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