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    I am wanting to discuss my potential visitors stay and the button is not working. I would prefer not to decline her immediately because of this technical difficulty, but I also just noticed I will be penalized for not accepting or declining withina period... Latest reply by Una1254
    I have just started airbnb hosting and so far have had two lovely guests who gave great feedback. I have had a further request from a new guest to stay 5 nights with one days notice. There is no feedback or recommendations for the new guest as yet. I hav... Latest reply by Arunkon0
    Hello! If anyone is looking for a co-host to manage their new or existing Airbnb property, please feel free to contact me. I am happy to discuss my experience in hosting, renting versus Airbnb or any other queries/questions you have about Airbnb in Darwi... Latest reply by Gemma322
    Hi, I am Caroline. I listed my first property at the end of September and started to host in October. Encouraged by the many inquiries and a few bookings, In the past month, I have put a lot efforts into it, getting new furnitures and nice mattress, buyin... Latest reply by Norma94
    Hey Cape Town Hosts, as an experienced host in Frankfurt and Cape Town, I woul like to offer you my services as a Co-Host. I know how tough hosting can be, especially when you are not there yourself. Hope that I can help some of you out. Looking forward t... Latest reply by Sheree65
    As a new Host I have found that cleaning my Tub mats takes me a lot of time... Since I am kind of OCD cleaner, I like to leave everything super mega clean and sanitized. My rule is to leave everything as I will like to receive it... I even sanitized all ... Latest reply by Robyn445
    There has been an Airbnb practice that seems to never be discussed and, while it has always bothered me a little, I never really felt it was worth making much of a fuss over because it wasn't really directly impacting my experience or success as a host. B... Latest reply by Mary419
    We have hosted over 2 years and super hosts. Recently bookings have dropped especially compared to views. According to stats, we have had over 300 views and a booking rate of about 1.9%. What do others do? This seems low. Any insights or suggestions? Than... Latest reply by Peter3584