guest bad hygiene

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guest bad hygiene

I have a guest that has just checked in.  He removed his shoes as per my house rules and I was immediately overwhelmed by a horrible foot odor.  This is beyond a typical bad smelly shoe situation- which I am familiar with as an athlete and chef working 15+ hour days in hot and sweaty kitchens.  The smell permeated after he went to take a shower and left the room.  It made me sick to my stomach, and I am not weak about these kinds of things. I'm concerned the smell will permeate my carpets, and mattress in the room in which he is staying- beyond the cost of the room for the night to afford to clean it.    


I have been hosting for about 4 months now and have had about 20 sets of guests from all over the world.  I have never had an issue like this. 


I believe this room was booked using instant book and am considering canceling the reservation under the new instant book cancelation policy if I notice this to be a problem and the smell lingers into the night.   However, when I look back at the reservation details I can't find anywhere verification that the room was booked under instant book.  


Is it worth it to cancel- how can I make sure I can cancel with no penalty under the new instant book policy?


Do you think its worth it to cancel? How can I bring this up to him if at all?  

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Help, my very nice professional guest has a terrific body order. Most of the time he wears a sports jacket and I hadn't noticed the smell until this morning. It was his day off and he was eating breakfast in my kitchen.  The smell is horrible.  I know he showers but he wears the same clothes.  His white dress shirt is so stained so I asked him if he wanted to use my washer and dryer but he says next weekend.  He's staying for 2 more weeks.  I guess I will burn more candles.  I'm thinking of not advertising my other room because I'm afraid my guest will think my house stinks.  

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Hi @Robin77 

Sorry to hear about your situation!

As this post is quite old, you might like to start a new discussion, and get some advice or tips from fellow hosts.  It's likely someone's experienced the same and might have an idea of how you can handle this sensitively.


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Goodness that sounds horrible!  I wonder if it's the same guest that a local host in NJ hosted last month -she wrote on the Hudson County Hosts about this exact issue, and it was a single guy.   She actually amended her house rules after the guest left, as she was so put out by his situation that she never wanted to encounter the same problem again.  


I agree with the comments, I'm not sure that you can really do anything about it now othere then plug your nose and bear it, but hopefully it's a one time issue for you!

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Grin and bear it - and it won't permeate your carpets and bedding - just open the windows and in  few hours it will be gone.

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It's not bad hygiene. It is a genetic situation that appears in my family passed to sons. Even with washing every day and a twice daily change in socks the feet sweat and emit a horrible odour. Foot powders work. Suggest that to your guest. I am sure that he is aware of his problem but maybe forgot the foot powder. I guess what I am saying is don't automatically assume that your guest has bad hygiene, and it is no reason to cancel a booking.

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