Challenge With Existing Guest

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Harrisburg, PA

Challenge With Existing Guest

Hello , I have a guest that brought 2 dogs which I accepted with no charge and gust told me the dogs will be in the cage will he is at work but that is not happing the dogs left free around the house leaving hair on bed which is creating cleaning problem, also he leaves all lights on while he is at work guest will be checking out on 11/29. what should I do. 

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Bristol, United Kingdom

When you realised the guest wasn't crating his dogs as agreed you should have brought this up straight away and confirmed if he wasn't willing to do this he needs to find alternative accommodation. @Mervat6 


You should also have mentioned the lighting .


follow up conversations on Airbnb so there is a record .


Personally I wouldn't have accepted a booking from a guest who wanted to leave his dogs alone all day . Who is walking and feeding them during the day . It's highly unfair to the dogs. 

as you offer two whole listings how do you know the animals have the run of the place, lights are left on and dog hair is on the beds?