Fake Roaches Trend


Fake Roaches Trend

Hi everyone!


I have seen an increasingly large amount of guests using fake (plastic) roaches to push for a full refund.


The scam goes like this: the guest checks into the listing, and the day of checkout sends you a message saying they were very busy with moving to different places since they had to leave your listing the day of check in due to bugs and roaches.


They take pictures of the plastic roaches, send them to airbnb and BAM! They get a full refund, and stayed at your place for the entire reservation.


Anyone experiencing this? Mitigation techniques? 

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Frederick, MD

I would ask them to squish one and send a pic. Just say "I am so sorry to have to ask you to do this, but Airbnb has warned hosts that there is a proliferation of guest requests for refunds using faux insects. In order to process this for you (with my sincere apologies) I will need to send a photo of this bug "squashed." I appreciate your understanding!"


I have an online business and people will often try to tell me something arrived damaged to get a refund. I always just apologize and ask for photos in order to "process the refund". (I sell fine jewelry. Hard to damage jewelry especially the way I pack and ship it.) Typically dries up the request. 


Everyone wants something for nothing. If all this mental energy was put toward solving problems like curing cancer, these clever minds could change the world!

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@Emiel1 @Sarah977 


Special Forces survival training involves keeping one’s strength up by eating anything non-poisonous at every opportunity.


 I found roaches to be far more palatable than slugs or earthworms.


Perhaps guests should be advised that natural, organic snacks are free whenever they can catch them.

Good to know that!!! Thank 🙏 you