False Charges by Host

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False Charges by Host

I stayed in an abnormal airbnb listing, a TENT in the middle of a field. the listing claimed it was 'luxury' and contained full electric capabilities (fridge freezer, television, heating, lighting, coffee machine) so i plugged in a small heater to warm up the tent on a cold rainy night. 

there was no induction to the tent or health and safety discussion of what you can and cannot plug in, nor was this listed pre check in.

The electric circuit failed and I am now being charged £400 for her electrician callout despite her giving NO instructions on this. 

Surely it is a hosts due diligence to inform guests of health and safety hazards and not to assume, it is not my responsibility to ask as a paying customer.

She stated it was a dog friendly listing yet charged me for bringing a dog.

I asked for an extra blow up bed yet she charged me for an extra guest.

I tidied things into bin bags as there was no bin provided and she charged me for clearing a bin bag.

I paid a £75 cleaning fee for a TENT!

The pop up toilet tent leaked and the shower collapsed on my friend and the wifi didnt work yet i did not complain.


She took pictures of footprints nd charged me for this too, however it was torrential rain and there was nowhere else dry to leave our expensive shoes.


Airbnb have agreed with the insane host and I am waiting response to my appeal, however I was only alllowed 2000 characters. 

I have contacted my bank to block any charge they try and force me with.


Has anyone managed to get any justice with this kind of thing?

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...a TENT in the middle of a field. the listing claimed it was 'luxury' and contained full electric capabilities...[ OP]


Here I stopped [i read it all, of course]

and thought, SHE IS way braver than me. 


I can't say it better than Mike & Jane, [without seeing Her listing we can't speak on specifics] however going from what you say is the TRUTH, to me it seems more than a 'bad holiday and bad deal' having the temerity to 'chase you this WAY and demanding £400 extra' [she knows what her TENT is about, be sure of this] seems like PERSECUTION.




...what has happened it seems you can't undo [Airbnb taking her side] and you did 1 tiny step [blocking future changes] but I think this is the time [that lady deserves a lesson, so does Airbnb - IF u did document this properly] to fight in proper way. Let the 'Big Guys' continue this fight.


1. Get back to your bank, call most 'dangerous sounding' department they have [anti-fraud,  etc] and then ask for a CHARGE-BACK [they take it from airbnb]


2. Small claims courts, up to £5,000


G Luck, and let us know how it goes...

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75 to clean a tent? That is outrageous in itself. 

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@Hannah1075 I would be surprised if Airbnb don't find in your favour. Without seeing the listing it is hard to comment but pet friendly will usually have an extra pet charge and needing another bed does suggest you took more people than you booked for.

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