Guest that breaks house rules

Guest that breaks house rules

First guest  was excited but that quicky turned to diasapointment.The guest broke all the rules with large gatherings 10 strange people.Spoke to him numbers were redu ced however extra person stayed.mow a child is there.LOose garbage in the bin so tired

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Paraná, BR

Problema ja resolvido ok

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If there are extra guests staying who aren't on the booking, you can ask Airbnb to cancel the booking @Shui5 

Thanks a lot

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Since you have already spoken to them, and it seems they are not listening to you, I would contact Airbnb and let them know that they are violating the number of people allowed in your listing and request to have their reservation cancelled. The number for your area is +55 21 3958-5800.


While I am sure you know, make sure that all your conversations with guest are done through the Airbnb platform. If they try to make a claim or get a refund you can back yourself up.


Hope it works out for you