Increasing Value ratings

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Increasing Value ratings


I recently had a guest leave a 4-star review.  I noticed she also gave 3 stars for "Value." What does the Value rating mean for guests and how do you guys increase it?

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@Monaco1 I guess it means that the guest feels the place was not good value. Which, of course, begs the question why did they book it in the first place. Many guests seem to mark down on value when staying in an expensive area.

Anyway, my feeling is that the odd low score for value means we are priced low. A lot of 4 stars for value and we are probably priced correctly.

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The value has to do with the price vs the quality of services, the building and the facilities you provide. If you want to increase the level in the feedbacks rating, you have two choices. One is to decrease the prices but I don't recomend that method. The second is to work on increasing some or all the factors mentioned above. My opinion and policy is to keep the standards high that  satisfy the guest's needs. That creates positive feedback from satisfied guests. 

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