Is it possible to get a star review removed?

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Deltona, FL

Is it possible to get a star review removed?

I recently had a guest who messaged at 830pm saying his toilet was leaking. I ask him if it was still useable and he never replied.  I suspected (and was right) that it was just running.   I had no way to send a plumber at 830pm.  He left me a 1 star review in all categories and overall.  He commented the indoor pool and hot tub were closed - which was justified as management closed them to paint them without notifying owners but there were 2 other nice pools for use.  He also said the parking garage was closed.  It was for structural repairs but I never advertised or posted poctures of the garage, only that there was parking on site and there is plenty in front of the building and an additional lot.  He never mentioned anything about location, cleanliness or communication, which all guests have always given 5 stars for but gave me 1 stars.   He also said my pictures were misleading which were taken with my cell phone, no wide angle and no alteration.  The guest prior wrote that the unit was exactly like the pictures and description as have several other guests.

I realize maybe I should be bumped for not knowing the indoor pool and hot tub were closed but a 1 star on everything and overall?  If I were staying at a place that deserved 1 star I would leave.  I tried to have it removed based on inaccurate iinfo insinuating the pictures were altered and the toilet running out of my control but was turned down.  Is there anything I can do?

Jayne Rocco
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England, United Kingdom

@Jayne34 There is no way that Airbnb will remove the review. The only thing you could try is to message the guest, explain how damaging a 1 star review is, and ask them if they would request Airbnb to remove it altogether. Chance of success is maybe 10% as is the chance the guest will complain further to Airbnb and you will end up suspended.

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