No Smoking or vaping

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San Diego, CA

No Smoking or vaping

Vaping and smoking is prohibited in castita and it’s restricted on my site. A very young couple arrived and they were vaping inside.  Plus they broke my central ac by lowering it to 50 and damaged my high beam in bedroom by hanging up a hook for a projector.  We had to ask them to leave due to the vaping.  The young girl was very nasty and combative.  



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Bristol, United Kingdom

How did you realise they were caping inside during their stay? 


Leave an honest review and put in a claim for damages /extra cleaning @Maureen639 

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Pittsburgh, PA

Sorry to hear, I've had this happen. Take photos of all the damages and upload to AirBnB when you file your claim and they'll reimburse you for any extra cleaning, replacements to broken things etc that you had to pay for. And make sure you rate the bad guests so other hosts know!