Parking fee

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Parking fee

Hey everyone! I booked an airbnb today, and after I booked and send a message to them they sent me a message saying about the $40 parking fee. But they never mentioned this on the listing. Is this normal? I don’t think this is fair. And now I can not do a cancellation because they cancellation policy is 50% return after the booking. 

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Contact Airbnb and request cancellation due to non disclosure or is it Airbnb that is telling you tough luck.

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Hi @Rinara3 👋


It's been a while since you posted and I'm wondering whether you managed to get an answer to your question or if @Victoria1437's answer supported you? 


It'd be great to hear from you, so we can understand what the resolution was but also to support other members who may have similar questions in the future. 😊



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That extra cost is notified in the accepted rules for reserving the accommodation ⬇️


"Parking is $40 and your vehicle must be registered prior to check-in."