Potential Scam -

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Potential Scam -

Hi all, 


I received an unusual enquiry today and was wondering had anyone else experienced it. My gut is telling me this is a bit odd.


The person sent an enquiry saying they were in the process of confirming the reservation by settling the room (thats how they worded it). They asked me about local parking. I responded to the enquiry with their options.


I got a message straight away saying that the reservation was already paid for, but their account says the booking insnt confirmed. They wee advised by Airbnb support that there was some problems with the system (I'm waiting to hear back directly from support re: this), and that the host was to follow instructions they sent for situations such as this.


Then there was a "copy and paste" of what appeared to be a response from support (using a different name that in her messages to me), saying they can see the trancaction number ...., making a payment after a temporary reservation (never heard of this). but has not been confirmed automatically. Please contact the landlord and send him our response - mutliple flags for me here.


The intructions continue, that I am to check the servations number: ..... and if it does not appear o the list, manually confirm it using the servation number, and then what looks to be an airbnb 'link' - I'm certainly not clicking it.


"don't worry if you reservations isnt confirmed, we'll make a  refund request that will take 25 business days"


Then the person tells me they unfortunately can't send me a screen shot of the match and payment as this option does not exist (not sure, but sounds fishy, but they think technical support is right (of course they do!).


Then there is a bit of emotional manipulation I feel - " I hope my reservtions is confirmed because I don't want to lose my money and the refund will take all my vacation. I hope my reservation goes smoothly, I am determinded to have a holiday. I'm really upset about this siutation.


I've replied a couple of times to advise I've contact support, there is not option to approve a reservations, that I thought it was strange Airbnb took her money, when I didn't approve a booking and that refunds are much quicker than 25 days in my experience. 


Maybe I'm being harsh, but too many odd things in the one situation, so want to see if there was similar experience by other hosts for this unusual request.

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Hello @Karen4226 


Your instincts are correct Karen - I've seen a very similar wording on my local Facebook group and it's a scam!  It's pretty well done as far as scams go and Airbnb would not ask a guest to advise a host as to how to proceed.


 Please flag this guest via the Airbnb message system - press on the three dots on all of their messages and you'll see report this message so that they are removed from the platform.  These dots appear at the bottom of the guest message.

All the best



Thanks Joelle,


I wasn't able to find the reporting button but I since have and have done so now.


Thanks for the reassurance 



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I received the same message yesterday and reported it to Airbnb. 

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Hi @Karen4226 👋


It's been a while since you posted and I'm wondering what you did in the end with this message? 


I've also found an article that might help: 
⚠️ Avoiding fraud, scams, and abuse


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