Potential guests with no reviews or profile

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Potential guests with no reviews or profile

Hi there,

I have recently had three potentail bookings, all from people with no profile information and no reviews.

I'm wondering what other hosts do in this situation?



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I agree with  @Debra300 .    Communication between a guest with no reviews  and hosts is extremely important! As someone else noted, a guest has to start somewhere. To date, I have been lucky, even with LTRs with 0 or 1 review. But i had several conversations via Airbnb messaging to get a feel for them and to ask their reason for visiting the area, confirming that the space can only accommodate 2 ppl max, and asking them to read my house rules and agree in writing to following them. 

Also James, don’t forget, even a person with good reviews can turn out to be a very disappointing guest. 

But the most important thing is to always, always follow your gut instinct. 

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What do you tell the guest when you deny their request? I’m currently in this situation. 

I would tell them why you are refusing.  Presumably it’s because you have a policy of not accepting bookings without certain criteria: reviews might be one.  I usually ask the guests to give me some information about themselves and why they are visiting.  If they are genuine, they will do this.  I haven’t had to refuse anyone (apart from some with children), and so far I have not had any bad experiences.

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Hi All


Completely new to this - I went live Tuesday night and had a booking for next day within hours - two tradesmen - seem nice enough and they are staying for a week - right away though we got enquirers for the full month of October. Both new with no reviews. One seemed dodgy right away so I shut that down. The other seemed pretty ok but constantly wanted to chat and tell me about himself - I realized after a day that he was treating air b n b like a dating site when he asked me for my whats app so we could chat more and quicker and I said I would provide mine and hubbies when he booked. His profile totally disappeared off abnb within hours of me writing this. I have now got a female wanting to stay for 2 months and I have asked for ref's from their work (they are both Londoners moving to the branch near me in Scotland but abnb wont allow me to give her my e-mail address to  her - Any advice?


People who try to take you off the airbnb platform are trying to get you to rent to them without the fees (host fee, service fee, cleaning fees).


I’ve had this happen and they wanted to talk off the platform and I advised them we book through the platform to protect them and us for liability and if they need help and we are not available the support will help them 24/7. They stopped messaging after I told them to only book through Airbnb.


There was also a TikTok about how to get around Airbnb fees by asking former Airbnb hosts you have stayed with and had a good experience with if they will accept payment direct without going through the platform.  This might be why some people are trying it more.

For the email address you just need to write it as follows: Lorina14(at)gmail.com. Airbnb will flag any @ sign if they are not a booked guest yet. 



I was wondering the same thing too! I had an instant book last night but they had no reviews but it shows they've had 4 trips... so not sure why he was able to do an instant booking without me accepting or declining the request and now I'm afraid to tell him no or could make my rating go down. Does anyone know why this happened? is it because he had 4 trips (even though there was no reviews but it had no negative reviews is that why he was allowed to instantly book? I called customer service and I could hardly understand what they were saying and they said they were not sure and they have to further investigate but they have not called me back with explanation. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I refuse the instant booking. Not safe, you better chose who stays.

I am thinking to call airbnb admin and report this kind of requests and people  zero review can be for someone who just join but not for a person who had few trips and been regisyered for 4 or 5 years. And no.profile to speak a bit aboit themselves and introduce themselves is not right too. I only accept people with reviews, profile, ID verified,.phome number and email...and photo

What do you tell the guest when you deny their request? I’m currently in this situation.  @Selma30 

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Hi Rexanne

Well to be honest i say the truth. Either i do not accept booking without photo ID verified 

Nor photo uploaded 

Nor zero.profile or reviews..

It happens also that the room gets better offer outiside airbnb

Do you have to post this in your house rules before denying that you do not accept reservations without Zero profile or reviews?  Or can you just deny them without posting this information on your listing?  I'm assuming it will deter any negative potential guests

The policy is to remove the booking if you are 'uncomfortable' with an instant book.


Turn off instant book in your settings

you've resolved the issues by now, since I see you posted two months ago.


That said, I got two, similar instant-bookings (1 trip, 0 reviews) and I have my Instant-booking settings at must have * identity verified and *good track record.   Apparently "good track record" now means no negative reviews  (and no track record, in the normal sense of the word, ie repeat history, is necessary) 😕 .   I also remember the one awful guest I had several years ago, airbnb suggested neither of us review the other... so when I see zero reviews, I think "not good."


Now that the definition of "good track record" (odd as it is) is clarified, and I'm clear that my settings were wrong, I'm frustrated, and have simply turned off Instant-book for everyone.  I suggested that airbnb fine-tune the "good track record" definition, or offer a couple levels we can opt in/out of, rather than having to turn off Instant-book.



re: your ratings, call customer service, ask about the odd instant-book that you didn't expect.  Say something like, "since the person has no track record, has no reviews nor profile info, I feel unsafe having them come to my place." (safety is a powerful word) and " how do I cancel the booking without it affecting my ratings, since this person instant booked and doesn't seem to follow the guidelines?


That said, sometimes I've had new-to-the-platform bookings, we exchanged a few messages, and the visit turned out great.  But them providing some info and sense of their character is key.


good luck next time.

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It has beennhappening a lot recently. I declined at least 2 nonprofile or reviews. Is this the standard now? Why airbnb allow it? I thought they filter people.who join. Someone can be 0 review but no profile is unacceptable. Then they request a room by just sending a message I will be arriving on xx at xx time. They do not imtroduce themselves or say the purpose of visit...who they are or what they do...even out od courtesy. For several reasons i dont feel.comfortable and cannot accept them


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I  am no longer using the Airbnb platform for my rentals.


They do not protect the property owner if a  dispute arises. The insurance only pays out as secondary insurance after your homeowner's policy claim has been filed.


They have gutted my local neighborhood because of state lobbying. As a result, we cannot regulate locally, and now have over 2000 Airbnbs operating in a  small coastal suburban area.


Imagine fireworks each night, garbage bins overflowing,  cars doing donuts late at night, and gunshots when the parties get crazy. This is South Florida and police are overwhelmed.