Potential guests with no reviews or profile

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Cardiff, United Kingdom

Potential guests with no reviews or profile

Hi there,

I have recently had three potentail bookings, all from people with no profile information and no reviews.

I'm wondering what other hosts do in this situation?



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I agree with  @Debra300 .    Communication between a guest with no reviews  and hosts is extremely important! As someone else noted, a guest has to start somewhere. To date, I have been lucky, even with LTRs with 0 or 1 review. But i had several conversations via Airbnb messaging to get a feel for them and to ask their reason for visiting the area, confirming that the space can only accommodate 2 ppl max, and asking them to read my house rules and agree in writing to following them. 

Also James, don’t forget, even a person with good reviews can turn out to be a very disappointing guest. 

But the most important thing is to always, always follow your gut instinct. 

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What does it mean Identity verified on Airbnb? Does it mean that they check the guests for the photo and government Id? Also, how do you ask the guests for emails and photos on the Airbnb platform? As far as a know it's now possible. 

I turn these types down all the time. If they can't take the time to become involved with ID for AirBnB they don't need to be here. They are likely looking for a way to evade their potential behavior.

Hi just had guests leave, one day earlier said the cottage was not suitable for their baby!! yet we have had 5 star reviews all summer.   They said it was stuffy, this is because they went out all day did not leave any windows open in this blistering heat!!!!.   Also I noticed that this person has no reviews on his profile and he joined AIRBNB in 2016 I wonder why this is!!!    

Just had biggest disaster in tow and ahalf years - immediate booking through, nice woman didn't understand system because it's so complex now. They arrived with 80 kilo dogue de bourgogne dog the size of a small donkey - no mention of it until they got here. Biro on new sofa covers, blocked the main drain, pee dried on the loo basin,  and more.... How do I block these immediate bookings - much preferred the previous way of talking first and then booking...

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Airbnb very sneakily changed the instant booking parameters and I also just had a first timer somehow manage to instant book my place. Fortunately for me they were OK, but as far as Airbnb goes, I'm about ready to just ditch this entire arrangement. I simply don't trust this company anymore and it's not worth the hassle given how badly the clientele has dipped of late. 


What I have done now is return to my pricing of 2 years ago (before they drove it down) and I have also put in a minimum 4 night stay to ward off the annoying local weekend "love nesters" (you know, guys with local car registrations bringing their mistresses for weekends away). 

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Melbourne, Australia

My partner and I have accepted a couple of people with no reviews, and it was ok, but I am hesitant. I don't feel safe allowing a stranger access to our home with no positive reviews. If a newbie requests a stay, ask them for extra information and for their Facebook profile. It's also a better sign if they book in advance. There's no way I'm accepting someone who books the room for the following day, and has no photo or reviews. Even if Airbnb has their passport details, I don't have them. They could be anyone. It's not safe.

Copy and past 😉

Hi “ guests name”Thank you for showing interest in the property, and I welcome you as a new guest to the Airbnb community. I see you are new to AirBnB, Welcome again, I want to make sure your first stay is 5 star.As as new guest to approve your booking & enjoy lowest discounted prices on your stay please fulfill the required necessary information.
1)verified guest photo profile with government Id & profile information.
2) brief information on your stay & guest.
3)what brings you to the neighborhood & what are your expectations
I look forward to approve your request pending this information. For a 5 start experience for GUEST & HOST. Communication is vital.
Please make sure you have read my whole listing: Reviews, rules, information.I am available if you have any questions at all.
”Host name”

Hi Max1488, I am new and have just completed my 1st listing and been having a couple inquiries with no review.  This is very helpful.  thank you so much for sharing.



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Hi just had guests leave, one day earlier said the cottage was not suitable for their baby!! yet we have had 5 star reviews all summer.   They said it was stuffy, this is because they went out all day did not leave any windows open in this blistering heat!!!!.   Also I noticed that this person has no reviews on his profile and he joined Airbnb in 2016 I wonder why this is!!!    

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Pegram, TN

I am new to this and just declined a 3 night stay because it was a new user and there were no reviews. As a single woman renting out a room in my house, I have to be ultra careful.  I might be more willing to consider the stay if it were just 1 night, but 3....just not comfortable taking the chance. 

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Edinburgh, United Kingdom

I have just set up as a host and within 24 hours three requests with no profile information or reviews so really appreciate this thread. is there no way to not accept requests from people ?

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Of course

Airbnb still give you the choice to, either accept or decline

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i have been a super host for 3 yrs and our property is rather open with other businesses downstair which required a lot of trusts from our guests. when someone trying to book last min. with no review i normally check if this person just join airbnb (you can see the year that they joined) if someone join this year, book 1 night, i normally asked them where they are from and sometime i give them a call just to see what they sounded like. pls don't let air bnb fool you, they will not take any responsibility if something happen to your property. go with your gut feeling. - lately i also ask for id check for guests with no review.  which most of the time they won't reply.

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I get very tired of receiving requests from blank profiles with names that don’t even match their request so I have a blanket response. I’m very careful who I allow to share my home and have been hosting for years and this is becoming increasingly worse. This helps me to discern and prevent potentially difficult or uncomfortable bookings. it’s just not worth it otherwise!

I am only able to accept bookings from guests with a completed profile and previous good reviews. This is explained in the listing.


When deciding on who to invite into my home I always consider previous host reviews, your profile information and an accurate photograph. I'm sure you can understand my reasons for this.


Based on you not being able to provide this information I’m sorry I can’t accept your booking.


So as to not waste your time and to make it easier for you to find the right accommodation I'd suggest always reading the listing information carefully as hosts generally provide essential information to help you before you make your booking request.

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Airbnb is so big now that it is out of control.

It is inacceptable and we should all report it.

Many friends deleted their airbnb listings because it is not safe anymore, so they say