Room within a Hotel

Room within a Hotel

I have never booked thru airbnb so this is all new to me. I am looking at a hotel/resort which also has suites that can be purchased. The owners of these are renting them out at a large discount( with all fees) as compared to booking a similar room on the hotel website. The only difference I can see other than the price is the differences in the cancelation polies. I feel that I am missing something, how can these hosts be that much cheaper than the hotel rates?

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@Terry773 if the suites are owned I guess the hosts can charge less if they cannot use the weeks they own themselves. Perhaps any cash is better for them than no cash. Jut make sure they have good reviews and are not misleading the hotel as to who is turning up.

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There are many projects like that here in Thailand condo/hotel,


I own a 1 bedroom apartment in a project and I am free to do what I want as long as I stick to certain rules ie: No Parties, No Pets, 

In my case they sold off about 50% off the units then the ones they didn't sell they run it like a hotel and also they charge more than me, they have a reception which we are not allowed to use so we can never do self check in we always have to meet the guest, no problem I only live 5 minutes away.

I can charge cheaper than them as I dont have all the staff to worry about,


My guest are allowed to use all the facilities, swimming pools gym sauna we have 2 restaurants on site so they benefit from my guest we also pay a yearly management fee.


I am a better host than them we have more in our apartment than they do, 


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