A new system to hold guests accountable

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Terneuzen, Netherlands

A new system to hold guests accountable

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When you welcome guests to stay in your space, it’s essential that they respect your home, follow your house rules, communicate promptly if issues arise, and avoid creating a mess. So, we’re introducing ground rules for guests – a new set of enforceable standards that all guests must follow.


If a guest breaks ground rules, they get a warning the first time. If the issues persist, they'll be suspended and, if necessary, permanently removed from Airbnb.


You’ll still be able to write any additional house rules for guests to follow. And if a guest violates any of your house rules, we’ll support you if you need to cancel the reservation early. 


Read more about it on the Resource Center.

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Maleny, Australia

Thank you for your help.

I'm still at a loss as to why the so called Airbnb Support for superhosts keeps determining the review as not removable only based on the public review.

Forgive my understanding of the word review as I would consider it to be ALL of the questions and answers from a guest would determine the complete review and all of the content contained in the same questions would be the complete content. Mathematically the review requires all of the ratings to determine the average as part of the complete review.

Its the same as agreeing the to house rules, you cant pick and choose which rule you agree to or not agree to. The support team should not pick and choose that the public review is the only part of the review or content to make a determination on.

This guest broke their agreed house rules, they broke the Airbnb Ground Rules for Guests and failed to communicate any issues to me during their stay.

In their complete review she low scored my continuously five star property. This review falls into into the category of unfair, bias & prejudice, as they did not communicate any issues during their stay or allow the host any capacity to remedy/rectify any so called issues during their stay. That in itself is a major bias or prejudice for or against one person or group, especially in a way considered to be unfair.

Have a look at Brian Cheskys video of the Winter 2022 release Point 7 where he specifically mentions the words "unfair, retaliatory reviews.
If the CEO states this, then the company he lead should 100% back up his promise to all hosts. This is called trust, apparently the Airbnb platform is built on trust but I'm not feeling it.



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London, United Kingdom

Totally agree, hosts are still being held to ransom or punished by guests playing the system. If a house has a repeat rating average, anything way off the this should be a red flag and be reviewed with the host involved to being allowed to respond prior to posting.

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New York, NY

thanks for the ground rules.  It is truly necessary today.  I’ve been with Airbnb for almost 10 years and I can say the guests and how they act has changed.  But again I think it’s because Airbnb became less of a sharing of your home or space and more of a hotel alternative.  For the first time I have had 2 guests tell me they would like theirs sheets changed weekly like they do in a hotel.  One even said like other Airbnbs.   These are young people who have never traveled but there is this “hotel” like expectation.    

The ground rules help.  

i would like to make a couple of recommendations on the whole review system.   Idea 1:  if a review is clearly abnormal from host’s other reviews - allow the review to be removed.  

2). Create a step before a review is posted where the host and guest must approve each others reviews.    

thanks again. 

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Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hey @Michele1348 ,


Thank you so much for posting your suggestions as well. I will make sure to pass it to the relevant teams.


You can also pose this feedback for Airbnb directly via the Feedback Form, in case you would like to elaborate on it.


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Huskisson, Australia

I thought health and hygiene would be a natural state of changing sheets weekly. I leave clean sheets and towels with a linen bag to place used linen in if they wish to change after 4 nights. Explain to guests when showing through cottage. No one has changed the sheets but have used the towels. We also have a washing machine and supply washing powder l.

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Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia

Thanks for your this community and we are really got some good guest now.

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