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    Hello everyone, After much discussion in the Community Center, we've created this dedicated board to discuss anything related to the Coronavirus. As you will see there have already been a lot of conversations, so feel free to explore the topics before cre...
    Hi I have been a long time Super Host (5 years) In light of Vietnam's opening, we only recently annouced to open for normal international flight from 15th March 2022. The domestic flight has been resumed as normal in February. Hence, it is not possible to... Latest reply by Emilie
    In the case of a pandemic or other unexpected catastrophe, Airbnb should have something in place to protect hosts. After all, hosts are the reason why they exist. We take our properties off of the rental market so all of us can do business and prosper. Th... Latest reply by Lee438
    With the current global situation and the effects it has had on the Airbnb community, it would be extremely helpful to hosts for Airbnb to release a cancellations report. This would enable hosts to file for loss of rents claims and back it up with data di... Latest reply by Clare7