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    Aloha fellow Big Island Short Term Vacation Rental Hosts In recent days it has been pretty clear that Hawai'i Island and Mayor Kim plan to keep licensed, legal short term vacation rental businesses closed, even when the island reopens to tourism. I a... Latest reply by Doris348
    I issued a full refund to a Guest who cancelled on the day due to work messing him about. I have a flexible cancellation policy. I am now worried airbnb will deduct the 30 pounds from my next Guest payout. How does this work ? I assumed they just wouldn'... Latest reply by Martin3573
    I have noticed that for two booking requests in a row, the breakdown of fees and payout amount shown in the mobile app is completely different from the Airbnb website using a PC FOR THE SAME BOOKING REQUEST. I am using a channel manager, thus I have been ... Latest reply by Emiel1
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    Can any UK hosts please tell me what they think will happen, in the UK, if the Government orders that people from Covid19 hotspot areas are not allowed to leave those areas to travel. In some areas of Wales this is currently the case. I have noticed rece... Latest reply by Anna9170
    I'm look for an app that ...1. Allows me to send guests a rental agreement and have then electronically sign it2. Would prefer an app that also allows me to manage multiple listings and listing sites (Airbnb and other similar platforms) in one place Latest reply by Anna9170
    Hey, when I export the monthly invoices from the reservations overview page (https://www.airbnb.be/hosting/reservations/completed) I get a PDF with all bookings, their number and the service fee. This is ideal to hand over to my accountant. However, when... Latest reply by Huma0
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