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    Hi. Ok question is it possible to AirBnb to make the invoice@receipt into multiple date. The scenario is like this. I stay at the place for 5 days from 1st May till 5 May. My company allowed me to claim for accommodation up to 2 night only. So it is pos... Latest reply by Sarah977
    For those who live in the USA and have their condo outside of the US on Airbnb what tax form did you use here?
    As the Property Owner a distant relative set up a a AIRBNB Web site without the Owner knowing. Follng Property STORM damage of £35,000 the Insurance Company have Voided the Main Policy penalising the Owner when he is in denighal . He denighs being the La... Latest reply by Mike-And-Jane0
    Today I listened to the webinar on taxes in Mexico. I heard the speakers say that the new Mexican law requires digital platforms to collect VAT and lodging taxes. I think I heard they are required to collect 16% and remit to Mexican government under the...