My account is blocked with no valid reason

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My account is blocked with no valid reason

Airbnb has blocked my co-host account with no reason, we have been callinf them all they but all they told us is to wait until they will email us... has this happened to anyone else before, how can I get in touch with them to activate the account again?

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Airbnb is suspending accounts when there is a reason. Somebody could have reported a profile or a listing, complaints could be received (guests,neighbours), no license etc.. You have to wait the outcome of investigation by Trust and Safety team.

BTW your Airbnb account is still active.

To contact Airbnb:

Contact Airbnb - Community Guide [Updated]

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Airbnb blocked my account and I havent been notified. They just simply blocked my account and I have no idea what is going on. At least I should receive any feedback of whats happening. 


Im trying to contact support team but they are not able to tell me whats going on. It is unfair to be treated like this.


I need to know what is going on