New to AirBnB

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Manchester, United Kingdom

New to AirBnB

Hi All,


I’m Dario, I’m from Manchester UK  and I’m literally brand new to hosting in AirBnB.  


I haven’t actually listed yet I’m looking for any hints, tips and general guidance that you more experienced hosts would of appreciated when you started out, that could hopefully help me during the start of my AirBnB journey. 

Feel free to reach out if you fancy a chat or meet or just want to give general advice. 

Thanks and happy hosting. 

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@Huma0 is right and has provided you with a great link to get you started. 

Some other things from my POV:

1. Once property is listed, ask us to critique it. 


2. The airbnb platform is filled with information. Get in the habit of reading everything. 


3. Aspire to be a 5* host. The two things I focus on is top-notch cleanliness and hospitality. 

4. Don’t let lower than 5* average get you out of whack. It will happen to all of us sooner or later. 

5. Enjoy hosting. I love it!

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That's a very broad question. Do you have any specific areas you need hints and advice on?


If not, there is a whole section here on the CC for new hosts, which includes some advice on setting up your listing:



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