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Hi, I am looking to throw my son a birthday party as a surprise but i can understand many hosts dont want to take up such hassle. If their is anyone in London to co operate, please shoot me a text message back and we can get to negotiating; i am willing to pay extra for the help. Many Thanks Sue.

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Hi Sue,

Have you not read in the news about Airbnb homes being

trashed and destroyed by guests???

Friendly advise find party venues in your area, especially if you are

as you say willing to pay extra that should not be a problem for you.

Good luck 🙂












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Hi @Sue728 


In Your profile You state:


"I am checking out Airbnb for the first time and one day become a host."


As it looks You've got enough space in Your home. Why don't You throw the party in Your own place?


This would be a good exercise to later open Your listing for hosting parties to the general airbnb audiance.


If hosting parties at Your place is not an option for You pls note, that there is a "parties/events allowed" box You can check in the airbnb search filters. I was just looking for a party-place for the weekend april 26 to 28 for 14 guests. 2 listings pop up in the greater London area: 1 at Picadilly Circus which sells for 4749 Euros for the weekend and 1 at Mayfair which sells for 2528 Euros.




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