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Hello everyone,If you have any specific questions about how Airbnb works, how to manage your listing, how to accept a reservation, how to send a special offer, set payment methods and more, feel free to browse conversations in this section or you can star...
How can I make someone else the host of my listing or shift my listing to another airbnb account?I created a listing for my aunt's place and i am managing it as a she was busy with other stuffs but now shescan handle it on her own so how can I transfer th... Latest reply by Paul1255
So I recently booked an Airbnb in Los Angeles. It was for 31 days long term stay. Communication with the host was fine upon arrival. II was arriving in LA 2 days prior to the check in. Out of convenience the host offered me to stay in another room she ha... Latest reply by Blanca105
Hi, I am in Australia where we don’t use IBAN. I stead we use our full account number and BSB. I keep getting an error and can’t update my payout method. How ow do I get this done Latest reply by Lindy-and-Stewart0
Did anyone of you having a bad experience with the Host and get respectful feedback from AirBnB after you file a complaint?I received a negative comment from the Host after my trip in Barcelona which they slandered me smoke in their apartment. I can swear... Latest reply by Jerry249
I have not been paid this month. Airbnb have been enormously unhelpful. How can I request a proper complaint and investiagtion. They have seriously provided insuffiencet information, but of course when I ask about a payment, I have to provide all codes an... Latest reply by Lisa1966
I just tried to pay the second payment for my Airbnb stay in July, the payment was having issues so I called the bank because I knew I had the funds. The lady at the bank said I would need to come in and sign an authorization because the payment is going ... Latest reply by Julie1674
Hello! I'm booking a property soon as I'm going on vacation abroad. Having never booked a property/appartment on airbnb, I have a quesstion regarding wifi & internet. What does it mean when wifi is listed as a feature on a property? Does it mean they pro... Latest reply by Dave507
American guest books house for a weekend - turns out she’s getting married at a castle nearby. Originally booked for 1 but it was an error - we wrangled about costs for a while but she eventually agreed on guest numbers. Turns out that she’s hot beddin... Latest reply by Kelly149