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    Hi How are Irish hosts dealing with electricity costs vis a vis longer-stay guests? We have metered supply in our apartment but haven't had to use it for Airbnb guests to date - guests have not been charged. We now have a tenant booked in for a month star... Latest reply by Huma0
    My current guest, booked a stay from 3rd September 2022 until 1st October 2022.Everything has gone smoothly, with no concerns at all.Today she has advised us that she will be leaving tomorrow (23rd September) and is going to Paris.What do I have to do?Do ... Latest reply by Helen744
    We have decided to spend a few months or more traveling around the US staying in Airbnb's. If I read and understand the "Free cancellation for 48 hours." policy, if I make a booking today for a stay in Aug 2023, I can only get a full refund if I cancel wi... Latest reply by Huma0
    Hi there! I have a listing with a friend, and therefore we have multiple phone numbers on the account. I have done this after being prompted to enter a security code sent to my phone once a few weeks ago. However, I want my friends number to be the prima... Latest reply by Stephen1472
    From all my co hosting team in Montreal and around ... I'm looking for the best accounting office to have them taking care of my incom tax as I know nothing about how to process with the new automatic tax collecting from my guest, and want to do this leag... Latest reply by Laura5749
    In Germany (where we host) heating costs are literally exploding. How is everyone else coping with explaining this to guests?How much of that are you passing on ? how are you doing that? Any suggestions are very welcome. Thank you. Mareen Latest reply by Sybe
    Hi all, I wondered how, as guests, you intend on managing the increase of your energy bills this winter. Will you be increasing the cost of your stays to guests as a result and if so do you have an idea of when you will implement it. All feedback and sha... Latest reply by Sybe