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    Hello everyone,If you have any specific questions about how Airbnb works, how to manage your listing, how to accept a reservation, how to send a special offer, set payment methods and more, feel free to browse conversations in this section or you can star...
    Does anyone have recommendations for a personal injury lawyer that has knowledge about carbon monoxide poisoning? The Incident was in Italy. We're looking to file a lawsuit against AirBnb. I opened over a dozen tickets that have all been closed without an... Latest reply by Cerina2
    I am trying to redeem gift cards that I bought online for a trip, I am based in the US. But I keep receiving the error "Unable to perform action. Please try again later or contact support if you need immediate assistance." Anyone else have similiar issues... Latest reply by Amy2435
    Hi there, this is my 1st encounter with a guest requesting a full refund after checking in based on the AirCover language of "full refund if rental is uninhabitable due to cleanliness" . I am a Superhost, have been renting my cabin for 2.5 years (its also... Latest reply by Terry642
    Hi,I am very upset as i have been refused planning permission for my Airbnb in Edinburgh There have never been any issues and the neighbours have been very supportive. What is the last date that I can let it out? Is it up until the end of March 2024? T... Latest reply by Vicky290
    Hello We manage nearly 60 properties on Airbnb. We were SUPER EXCITED when we saw the Monthly Performance Report released some time back. Unfortunately, after reviewing the data included, we were quite disappointed that the "booking conversion" data wa... Latest reply by Sybe
    I would love to get a group of hosts in Atascadero to protest against the TOT taxes. We are getting screwed. This is a transient tax, not a host tax. If we just tack it onto our nightly rate then we are paying taxes on taxes. Latest reply by Sybe
    To the world, I want to express my cordial gratitude to this wonderful company, whose customer service and proficiency go beyond the stars. Soon after having booked our trip through Airbnb, we encountered terrible news of being attacked by the Azerbaijani... Latest reply by Sybe
    Hello I just wanted to ask about your opinion on this on how I can prevent something like this from happening. On September 20th two women, who had booked my apartment, came to my place and right away complained about smell and dirt. Ima leave the discus... Latest reply by Kai101