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Fort Lauderdale, FL
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I received an Airbnb e-mail saying "You declined the last 5 requests. Your listings could be suspended if you don’t start accepting more guests. "  In fact, my listings are blocked for over a year.

I'm proud to be an EXCELLENT host.... because I love what I do.  It seems Airbnb does not like that I screen possible guests.  I recommend that everyone screens future guests before accepting them. 


Why did I do this?

1) I hosted an ex-convicted who was 15 years in jail.  His friends rented my property for a "Welcome Week" I do not want to give details about this terrible stay.  I've rejected different ex-convicts, and other non-desirable persons. 

2) I hosted groups who prepared "wild parties".

3) I hosted ladies who work in the "oldest profession".

4) I hosted a "family" of 21 members (and others of 15 or 12 members) when my house has a limit of 6 occupants per stay.   I cannot accept more persons that the max. allowed by the City of Fort Lauderdale. 


For all these reasons, I take the time to research and screen people who want to stay at my properties.  They are located in an upper-middle class neighborhood, where I live since the year 2000.   This is a family-oriented neighborhood, and I'm proud of it and its values.  Therefore, I want to remain being a good neighbor and an excellent Airbnb Host.  I must say that most of the Guests have been excellent, specially when they are families.


As said to Airbnb before, I could accept any guest if Airbnb makes itself FULLY responsible, to me and to my community, for the Guests' behavior.  Don't I have the right to screen possible guests before accepting them?  Does Airbnb has the right to punish me by blocking my listing for screening possible guests?   Is Airbnb's screening policy (checking a phone number and an e-mail) good

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Re: Screening Guests

Olympia, WA
Level 3

Miriam,  I allow Instant Book, and my understanding is that if they break any house rules, I may request that they leave without penalty to me. I have only once said I would check an ID of a "date" of a guest - they were a no show. 🙂

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