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    The Guest has sent a request to change 2 night reservation (Friday & Saturday) to 1 night (Saturday) but our minimum stay is 2 nights.I've replied saying as per the above and have received no response. Is it up to me to 'decline' the request (will there b... Latest reply by Debs5
    I have a guest who extended his stay and then needed to cancel his extended reservation. I have no problem with this and processed the cancellation, but I don't want the hosting penalties when the guest was the one who requested the cancellation. How does... Latest reply by Fred13
    I have 3 properties and want payouts to go to a seperate acount for each one. How do I set this up? Latest reply by Emiel1
    So today is an exciting day! this is always the best part showing the before and after images of my remodel; after so much time being devoted to the project even I forget what it used to look like so it's nice to see the immediate differences with side by... Latest reply by Jake0
    Hello!I have had a guest for several months now, he works in the area and rents monthly from me. I wash his sheets every week, vaccum the room every week, and clean the bathroom every week (or hire someone to do it). Is every week too much or would it be ... Latest reply by Mark--Moshe-0
    hello i am a new host here so can anyone suggest me or give any kind of recommendation how can i get more bookings for my apartment.i have made a professional photos, the location is perfect, price is low but still i dont really get much bookings,few da... Latest reply by Sophie446
    I do not understand why Airbnb are now taking more than 3% fee. I charge £30 per night but they are only paying £28. Not a happy host as it is impossible to talk to them directly. Latest reply by Julianne8
    Hi everyone. I just set up my place for booking, late afternoon yesterday. In the settings, I put "1 day notice" on bookings, in order to have some wiggle room for last minute details and just in general. At 7pm last night I get a booking for today, with ... Latest reply by Lilja3
    Hi! I'd like to be guided on how to reach Airbnb re this matter. A guest named *** booked with us and all facts/circumstances point to the solid possibility that he took our laptop. I'm reluctant to use the Resolution Center as it might not be as swift in... Latest reply by Samatha0