virus emails claiming to be airbnb

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Oak Beach, Australia

virus emails claiming to be airbnb

I had a double booking and have accepted the penalty but I think it may have been caused by an outsider terrorising my account and unblocking my calender so it can then be double booked. I have been receiving emails from Airbnb asking for my account details. Are these genuine emails actually from Airbnb ? There have been 4 of these emails so far with the Airbnb logo claiming to be from Airbnb ?

Regards Andrew **[Name address hidden due to safety reasons - Community Center Guidelines]

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St Leonards, Australia

@Andrew1030 Even if they are from Airbnb never provide your account details via email. They have access to your account anyway and can get any details that they need. There is no reason you should ever have to provide a Company with this sort of info via email.


Airbnb do not seem very security aware as they commonly send out emails telling you to click on links to update account info/banking info. No other reputable company that manages any private or sensitive information does this. It is actually extremely concerning as I believe their processes leave them quite open to cyber attacks.

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