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I have been a host since 2017. I have done well now with 7 properties. I was becoming a bit concerned regarding hosting due to the increase in issues with guests.


Back in Aug I had a guest leave 7 large white bath towels 6 white hand towels and a few wash clothes left out on the back deck covered in desert dust. I have photos showing how dirty they were. Also they didn't remove the garbage which is all I ask of my guests plus he broke a couple shot glasses in addition I had to pay additional cleaning. All amounting $220. No biggie right?  Air cover denied my claim.


Now I had a guest who he admitted to braking my bed yes broke it in half. He called me that night so drunk I could barely understand him. Im thinking he fell on the bed and broke it. I reported to air cover with photos and receipts. They denied me again. Air cover is a joke they don't cover anything and should stop advertising it. It's creates a false sense of security. I open my places up I make money Airbnb makes lots of money but DO NOT protect the hosts. 

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@Corinne509 I am no fan of Aircover. As you say it offers a false sense of security. I really believe it should have an excess (deductible) so that people don't get paid for the first 2-300 thus cutting out the small claims. No one buys insurance without a hefty excess so why is Aircover willing to offer their product without one?

@Mike-And-Jane0 wrote:

No one buys insurance without a hefty excess so why is Aircover willing to offer their product without one?

I'm guessing, from what I've read here on the CC, it's because they usually only pay out for the small claims. Once you get into the thousands, then it's a total nightmare. 


Seems though it's not that easy to get the hundreds back either. Something like towels and extra cleaning (not deep cleaning after something serious happens) and missing shot glasses, I can see them labelling wear and tear and refusing to cover, so I wouldn't even bother, but a guest breaking a bed in half and admitting to it?


@Corinne509 Did you first ask the guest to pay for the bed? What did he say?

Yes I did. That's the first thing required by Airbnb. If the guest doesn't respond then Airbnb steps in. That's when you submit invoices photos that sort of thing. Then they just denied it. 

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When the guest admitted breaking the bed, was this on a phone or in person conversation, or do you have this in writing from him?

It was a phone call from him. He was so intoxicated I could barley understand him. Then he sent the picture of the bed. He was forthright in what he did o mean it was obvious and my helper would have called me to let me know but he did contact me

Wow, Reading all the comments on this thread, it appears the air cover has not been backing and supporting damage caused by guests.  

VRBO allows hosts to charge the guest a damage protection insurance policy with each reservation which provides coverage up to $5000 for damages. 

Hosts across the platform need to make this recommendation to Airbnb to offer this or allow hosts the option of adding it.  

Does Airbnb have contact information to corporate where we can make such suggestions?

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The day Airbnb entirely drops 'Host Guarantee' or whatever the latest cute name they call it, will probably be a good thing. 

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After my first encounter with damage claims through Airbnb, I will never attempt it again. It's only begging for insult added to injury, as not only is Airbnb likely to decline the claim, but the guest will most likely write a scathing review of fabricated atrocities the host committed against them. 


Your best "coverage" is prevention.  i.e., demanding a security deposit from high risk guests (despite Airbnb aversion to it) has the benefit of either scaring them away, or giving them every motivation to behave themselves. 

Omg @Elaine701  "fabricated atrocities", that is so creative.


I been harping on Airbnb to stop placating to the 'fabricators', especially when an off-the-wall review absolutely makes no sense.

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They don't require a deductible because they are not paying out on any claims. They just say they will then they deny the claims 

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@Corinne509   IMO, AirCover is not insurance, no matter what AirBnB and people say/think.


I wish that AirBnB would allow a host to take a damage deposit or at least have the means to claim against an AirBnB held damage deposit.  


I firmly believe that many guests would act more responsibly if they had a damage deposit at stake.  I would also hope that most hosts would only charge guests for egregious damages.


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For me the reason I am using airbnb is for there "insurance". I hate how expensive the fees airbnb charges, but I figured they were worth it for the "protection" you get. Now I am realizing that airbnb just strongly encourages you to settle things between you and the guest and I haven't read a single case yet were airbnb actually used their "insurance". 

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corinne509 I really do not think any insurance covers for towels and shot glasses... H

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100% agree. I had a guest clog a toilet, which then overflowed, and the overflowed water went through the ceiling to our first floor kitchen. The guest was then able to unclog the toilet, and use it for the rest of the stay (so the toilet was fine). But our drywall was damaged. Airbnb CS asked us for a plumber report (ug - why would I call a plumber? The toilet was clogged with tissue that they then removed), then they stated that the guest said the tub also overflowed when the toilet did (which is impossible, the two are NEVER connected by pipes), so Airbnb said it was an existing issue. We had the place professionally cleaned right b/f this guest arrived, there were no issues with the toilet or the tub. Essentially they will do whatever they can to not pay out a claim. This guest was a first time user of Airbnb and I have <150 5 star reviews... so of course you would go with their account of what happened I guess?!