Messy guest

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Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Messy guest

Hello,  just looking for some advice. Just listed a rental, we don’t charge any cleaning. All good till today, the 2 guests had been there 3 nights and they used every plate, pot and pan all left with food remains dried in, 12 dirty mugs randomly placed and bits of rubbish like tissues and receipts just left laying around on various surfaces in different room.  Oils, salt, and spillages not wiped up on kitchen surfaces. 
Are we within our right to try to claim a cleaning fee? I took photos. 
they were very nice by text while asking stuff so this was a shock. Just worried if we seek a cleaning fee the will leave a bad review.  No one has left a review yet. What should I do? 

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Sorry to hear about this. It is so frustrating when guests are not considerate. I agree with everyone's response. Attempting to charge a cleaning fee after the rental is over is bad for your business. Guests are customers and they expect the terms and conditions of a purchase to be honored. If you do not have specific house rules or guest cleaning protocols described in your listing then there is no way to hold them to it. If you open up a resolution claim against them and they do not pay there is a strong chance that Airbnb will not take action unless the place was completely trashed and items were broken. Many guests feel entitled to use everything offered to them in a listing during their reservation so there is a good chance that they do not feel that they did something wrong. In your review you should rate them low for cleanliness and send a private message so they are aware of proper expectations within the community moving forward. If nothing was broken I would just take this one as a hard lesson learned and make some changes to your listing moving forward. 


Best of luck!

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Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Thank you everyone for your input and I will definitely take your advice and not charge a cleaning fee. The guest has now left a review but I have yet to leave mine. 

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Placencia, Belize

Like others have suggested: take this as a clue why people do have a cleaning fee, but go no further like attempting to charge the people you just had.

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Do you leave cleaning stuff in your kitchen?


I dont think you should try to claim a cleaning fee


You will get guest like this I have 2 right now so untidy and we clean twice a week,


I wouldn't worry about the pots and pans I would rather my cleaner does them that way I know they will be clean for the next guest, you must always check the guest will not do a proper job

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Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Yes, there is cleaning products under the sink along with cloths. 

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Huntington Beach, CA

Hello Pete12, 


If you charge your guests a cleaning fee, this may get you a bad review.  You would have to weigh that consequence out. 
They guests, may feel that the price you both agreed on, should be honored. 
I would take this as a learning lesson to always, charge a cleaning fee! 
once you get a good review from your first guest, you will feel much better. Just move forward and start charging a cleaning fee.

Good luck to you!:) 


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I agree with the others. I don't think it would be a good idea to try to charge a cleaning fee retrospectively. You are likely to get the guests' backs up and risk a bad review and I doubt Airbnb will be on your side or help you in any way.


However, I would rate these guests down (a lot) on cleanliness, mention briefly in the review something along the lines of, "We were a bit shocked at the state they left the listing in. A lot more cleaning was required than normal," and explain to them in private feedback why.


At the same time though, I have to ask if you include any instructions/expectations in your house rules/house manual/check out instructions about what you expect guests to do in terms of cleaning up after themselves. If not, you need to have something there to make it clear. Although I would never dream of leaving an airbnb in that state, many guests think they've paid for maid service and don't need to lift a finger, i.e. it's just like a hotel, and probably don't even realise that leaving days' worth of dirty dishes is kind of not okay.

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@Pete12  It is soooo sad that these (obviously entitled) guests didn't bring their mommy with them to clean up after them.  


You cannot easily charge a retroactive cleaning fee.  Sure, you can send a request via the resolution center, but the guest has come and gone and can simply ignore the request.  CS will not help either.  


You may garner a bad review if you ask for money for the extra cleaning.  I would not bother with asking for money, but I would probably reduce the stars and mark the guest down for their slovenliness when reviewing.  In the public part of the review I would be brief -- untidy guests -- in the private part of the review you can let them know exactly why they were marked down and why they are not welcome to return.  They won't see either part of your review until they have submitted their own review.

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Zagreb, Croatia

I agree with @Dora486 

learn from this experience, and put cleaning fee into your listing, but don't charge retroactively. Nothing is broken, it is just dirty and can be put back into original state.

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Frigiliana, Spain

Personally I’d not charge for additional cleaning.  We always rewash every dish etc when we clean.  I’ve found through experience it’s best not to trust guests to do this, at best it’s usually pretty slapdash.  

Perhaps mention in their review or in private feedback.  

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