My Listing is not showing up on Map Search List

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My Listing is not showing up on Map Search List

I am pretty New on Airbnb, we have had 4 guests so far over a 12-month window. And each seems to be random. We have done everything Airbnb suggests to optimize our listing and more except run ads. When we search while logged out and go pretty specific on what we are looking for, our Listing doesn't show up on the map or even results! But when we do a search while logged in, it shows up right at the top! What else can we do to improve our bookings and listing positioning? New, creative ideas are welcome. @Quincy 



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@Sylvia739 have you listed with other platforms? This seems to be the future, you need more lines in the water to catch the fish. For example Bookings.Com deal with small places too, and you can link your calendars. Search engines appear to favour big Hotels and fancy places for the ultra-wealthy these days, or perhaps it is just the paid advertising. People looking are not fooled, but they get annoyed and swap platforms.

Good luck, Charles

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Hey @Sylvia739 ,

You can also find some information on how Airbnb Search works here : .




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@Sylvia739 sadly the key element of the search ranking algorithm seems to be booking success. As such it is a catch 22 situation if you haven't got a lot of bookings.

Other things said by Airbnb to make a difference are switching Instant Book on and having a moderate to flexible cancellation policy. We do the first of these but not the second.