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    Because wifi is one of the top-searched amenities on Airbnb this year, we’re excited to offer you a new tool that can help you showcase your wifi speed to guests. It allows you to test the speed of your property’s wifi—and display it directly on your l... Latest reply by Nicole2223
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    Hiya everyone, Can you believe it’s Wednesday already! Time for another edition of Ask an Ambassador and today we’re talking to Kaitlyn in Long Beach, CA, USA about how you can negotiate the waters of reviews, especially when they’re not 100% rosy. ... Latest reply by Susan990
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    Join over 100,000 Hosts who have offered people a place to stay when they need it most. By signing up to offer accommodations in emergencies like hurricanes, floods and wildfires through Airbnb.org, you’ll be prepared to make a tangible impact in your...
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    Hiya everyone, It’s time for our next Ask an Ambassador edition and today we’re talking to @Kate434 in Richmond, VA, USA about deciding what sorts of beds you should have in your listing and what criteria impacts that decision. Can you share ... Latest reply by Jessica-and-Henry0
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    Did you catch the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony on Friday? We’re excited to support the athletes there in a whole new way this year. Airbnb is partnering with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and International Paralympic Committee (IPC), ... Latest reply by Helen427
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    Flooding is impacting communities across Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium. Many residents are evacuating to safer areas and there’s an immediate need for temporary housing. Airbnb.org is working to connect Hosts interested in sharing their space fo... Latest reply by Quincy
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    Hello everyone, It’s been an amazing time here on the Community Center — through extreme adversity, difficulty and disruption we’ve seen hosts sharing stories, advice and laughs when providing great hospitality to guests. This host community works... Latest reply by Suzanne302
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    Hey everyone, When getting started, choosing the perfect cancellation policy can be tricky. Especially since the option you decide on plays a big part on how your Airbnb Hosting experience plays out. Lucky for you, there are a few possibilities you ... Latest reply by Jennifer2682
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    Hi everyone, Airbnb is a proud global Partner of the Olympic & Paralympic Games. To celebrate the Tokyo 2020 Olympic & Paralympic Games, we’re excited to offer complimentary Olympian and Paralympian Experiences to everyone using the Community Center!... Latest reply by Nadiia1
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