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    Hi Community, when guests stay at our listings either for a holiday or work related, they usually have a list of places they want to explore, do you have that one place you would recommend to them to visit..My recommended place is Errigal Mountain, its... Latest reply by Michael-O-Reilly0
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    My daughter booked an Airbnb in Barcelona. The host cancelled on her at the last minute. She has spent most of her vacation trying to find another decent place to stay - ended up being almost double what she booked. Airbnb has not helped her at all. H... Latest reply by Suzanne302
    Hello! Hello !! I am Sahil Sood from Bangalore owning a BNB weekend home in Bangalore "The Baggins House". I have hosted 100+ guests in my newly built home. I am reaching out to all bnb owners if they are looking for hosting services me and my team would ... Latest reply by Quincy
    Trying to get some opinions for hosts in the Sugar Loaf (big bear) area for a 2 bdr/2br home. Is the booking number enough throughout the year to adequately cover the expenses to manage as a second home? Latest reply by Annie1372
    This conversation may be occurring elsewhere but with the title I am trying to narrow down the geography a bit. To the best of my understanding, when South Bruce Peninsula initiated the licensing process, they limited the total number of guests to 2 adult... Latest reply by Annie1372